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What makes up an efficient meeting room environment? (1)

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Having the right environment when going to work can be the difference between hiring and engaging employees or an inefficient office. The same is true of the meeting room environment.

Your meeting room environment is the backdrop for your meetings. Everything from the lighting and seating to the layout of the room can affect mood and productivity. When creating a meeting space, how do you make the room comfortable and work-friendly?

Before diving into the details of what you need to make your meeting room more productive, you first need to think about exactly what the room is for and how it will be used. What is a meeting room and what is its purpose?

A meeting room is a room set aside and designated as a place to hold meetings. It's as simple as that. However, these days, a meeting room can also double as a place to hold lunches, training sessions, client meetings, brainstorming and/or strategy sessions.

The concept of a meeting room is simple, but as you can see it has many uses. Please bear this in mind as we consider all aspects of providing a spacious meeting room.

What do your employees need to work comfortably and efficiently in a meeting room? When designing a meeting space, remember that humans will use this space in many ways. The meeting space needs to comfortably accommodate your attendees.

meeting room

Points to note.

Chairs: People tend to sit for longer periods of time in certain types of meetings, so the room will need comfortable chairs. Meeting room chairs should be sturdy and durable, but they should also be attractive. And don't forget ergonomics. Here you need to consider the people who will be using the room - don't forget that the chairs should include back support and armrests. Look for chairs that are ergonomic and comfortable. Wheeled and swivel chairs are also a good choice, as they make it easy to turn around and see the person who is talking, etc.

Colour: Colour can have a big impact on people. If the room is dark, most people are likely to feel sleepy and the atmosphere of the meeting may be more negative. On the other hand, neutral colours such as light beige and white make the space appear bright and airy and add energy to the room. Another colour to consider is green - this colour is thought to help relieve stress. Blues are also thought to stimulate stress and relieve it. Cheerful colours such as pale yellow are also good choices.

Whichever colour scheme is used, remember that darker colours will lower the energy and mood of the room, while lighter colours can be energising and make people more productive.

Avoid clutter: Sometimes a meeting room can become a convenient place to store things, especially if it is used infrequently. It becomes a large storage room rather than a usable space. Don't store things in the meeting room to avoid this happening. In addition, you will want to avoid any clutter in the meeting space. Clutter can have a negative impact, so keep decorations, wall art etc. to a minimum and avoid using the room as storage.

Soundproofing: The meeting room should be a quiet space. Noise and activity can cause distraction and lead to poor concentration. Ensure that the room is located in a quiet area of the building. If this is not possible, then you may want to consider using soundproofing materials to make the meeting room a quiet space. Not only will you be able to hear each other speak, but the focus will be on the meeting rather than the noise and activity outside.

Lighting: If your meeting room is too dark or too dark, it will negatively affect the energy and focus of the room. We tend to drift off to sleep in a dimly lit room. To solve this problem, some companies choose to use bright lighting, which also seems difficult to us. Some people who are sensitive to light may also have difficulty in bright environments.

Another consideration is whether the room will be used for visual presentations. If so, you may want to use fluorescent lamps with a dimming system. Make sure the lighting is comfortable, does not cause eye strain and allows people to use their smart devices and computers. Where possible, balance the lighting by absorbing natural light.

Comfortable, appropriate colours and lighting go a long way towards making the meeting room a great space for employees. Keeping these things in mind will help your staff stay energised and focused in the meeting room.

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