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01/ 09/ 2023
What makes up an efficient meeting room environment? (2)

Layout of meeting spaces‍You have a lot of choice when it comes to meeting room layouts. You don't have to stick to a traditional meeting room set-up, with a table around chairs. In fact, you can even keep the space flexible.There are many layouts to choose from. As meeting rooms are often used in a

01/ 06/ 2023
What makes up an efficient meeting room environment? (1)

Having the right environment when going to work can be the difference between hiring and engaging employees or an inefficient office. The same is true of the meeting room environment.Your meeting room environment is the backdrop for your meetings. Everything from the lighting and seating to the layo

08/ 22/ 2022
How do you create a workplace that inspires creativity and innovation?

Creativity and innovation in the workplace are inspired by three basic mindsets: Belief; Prioritisation; and Courage. Believe; Prioritise; Be Bold. Jeff Ramos, Managing Director of The Garage, has implemented a programme designed to help employees innovate. In his view, employers must believe in the

08/ 19/ 2022
Open and private meeting rooms: how to best manage your meeting room space

We are currently experiencing a major shift in the way we work, including how we use our office space. Hybrid working has made office design a major focus for many businesses, who now need to make the most of the space they have. The more space an office wastes, the more money it makes, especially f

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