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Why choose a soundproof room instead of a partition?

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1. A gift for the next tenant

At first, non-removable partitions are not very profitable: once installed, you can't recover them. This is your gift to the next tenant! Unlike telephone booths, they are a long-term investment as they last over 10 years (for the best ones) and can follow your movements!

2. Low acoustic performance and comfort

As you can see, partitions are much less acoustically effective than acoustic kiosks. This difference is mainly due to the materials they are made of.

Another disadvantage is the reverberation effect. Partitions do tend to reduce sound levels significantly, but they have no power over the reverberation effect. This effect is very annoying to us because it gives the impression that we are talking on the phone in the toilet. The fact that the walls are not covered with fabric does not absorb the frequencies of sound, but rather causes them to reverberate off the walls.

The simple and practical aspect of partitions detracts from their performance. It must be borne in mind that they offer limited confidentiality compared to telephone booths. As they are just a wall, rather than an enclosed and sealed space, the acoustic performance remains low. In this way, due to the acoustic properties, acoustic booths offer you a confidential space while protecting you from external noise.

office partition

3. Resell your phone booth !

Acoustic kiosks, apart from being profitable in the long term due to their durability and the fact that they can be dismantled, can also be a resale product. If you want to give them up, for example during a move, it is quite possible to resell them to the next tenant, unlike partitions which are an integral part of the space. Phone booths are the best investment you can make in office furniture.

4. Save space with acoustic kiosks

Unlike partitions, acoustic kiosks can optimise space to the maximum. Instead of creating and allocating an entire room for your meetings or calls, you can hold them in a cubicle. Phone booths significantly reduce the floor space required.

The partitioning of part of the space turns your open space into a standard office. Partitioned booths allow you to maintain the configuration of an open space or flexible office while eliminating the disadvantages of this layout. With a phone booth you can provide your staff with confidentiality and a small, quiet space.

Is any acoustic booth better than a partition?

Please note that the advantages of telephone booths described in this article do not apply to all telephone booths. Low-end phone booths are unlikely to stand the test of time. Nor do we guarantee that they will stand up to several moves. The sound level of some phone boxes is unfortunately similar to the sound level of the partitions ......

We recommend that you go to a showroom if possible to test them out, this will allow you to check the acoustics and ergonomics. If you want to know more about how to choose the best phone booth on the market, you will find all the information you need in our website.

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