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Why office pod is good for productivity

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Working from home may seem like the ultimate way for some people to make a living, but the reality is that you often run into problems. These include: not having enough space for a dedicated office, using rooms with other functions (the living room is one of the worst), constant reminders of chores that need attention and of course everyone else's busy and hectic who you live with. The solution that can provide the ideal office space to meet your various needs is the garden office pod, which is why ......

Dedicated space

This is simply a work area that suits you. You can plan as you need to, you can add all the equipment and materials you need to work with, and there will be space to store it all too. You will no longer have to struggle with tripping over boxes to secure all your paperwork and will be eager to have workbench space to set up everything you need. A dedicated office will provide you with all this and more!


The house or others won't distract you, having a garden office pod can make you ten times more productive. You'll be able to spend time focusing on the task at hand, planning your day in peace, organising your desk and taking control of your career. There's nothing better than having all the space you need for a positive work ethic!

office pods


If your work is sensitive, it's important to have an office where you can store files safely and securely, discuss tricky issues and keep calls confidential. The Garden Office pods come with thermal and acoustic insulation as standard, meaning you won't be disturbed by anyone.

Mobile space

It will depend on the work you do, but it's always a good idea to have the freedom to move around throughout the working day. If you use your garden office pod as a yoga studio or art studio, it's likely that you'll be moving, but if it's office work, you'll be sitting there most of the time. The beauty of having your own space is that you can always choose to get up and go yourself. You can design the layout of your furniture to create a smooth walkway between all of it, and can also include a standing desk to change the position of your work throughout the day, by which I mean that you can even have an area to relax, stretch and move around to provide help to interrupt the working day and reawaken yourself.

Different working hours

Since your Garden Office Pod will be quiet, private and ready to serve you at any given time, you can easily choose your working hours. If you are working from home, it may be related to children coming home from school, the noise of people coming in and out almost changing, the room you are using being occupied by others, etc. With the pods, all this is removed and if you want to start work at 7am and finish early, you can, and if you want to go out at 10pm to finish something, that is also possible.

Meeting surface

Look more professional and be able to hold meetings at home at your kitchen table or in a dedicated office in your local coffee shop. You will feel proud and confident that your new garden office will provide the ideal meeting place for any client.

Clear your mind

One of the best things about having a garden office pod is the view! When you are stuck in your office or in a cramped room at home, it can really start to affect your mood and motivation. It's easy to feel low and trapped, like you're in a rat race, but with a garden pod you can literally look out onto a green area full of flowers, maybe a water feature, a deck, a planter? You can always choose to step out of those double doors to get some fresh air and rejuvenate yourself. You won't get it anywhere else.

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