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Why the modern office is more about quiet(2)

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Create a comfortable space

A comfortable and relaxing space is essential for introverts. As an introvert, you need a lot of time alone to recharge your batteries. Therefore, when choosing home décor, priority should be given to soft and fluffy materials such as pillows, throws, doilies and tapestries. Also, many introverts enjoy reading books and magazines, so plan for large bookcases, shelves and magazine storage space.

Of course, not all introverts have the same definition of 'comfort'! For example, some people may prefer a space with enough windows through which they can enjoy the view and get some air. For example, some people may prefer a space with enough windows through which they can enjoy the view and get some air, but for others, too many windows can easily feel less secure and quiet. It is advisable for introverts to look at themselves, identify their own sources of comfort and add these comfort elements to their space.

Partitioning out private space

For introverts who live alone, it is important to establish a good public and private sphere, because although living alone means that all the space is your own, there are always times when family and friends visit or even stay for a few days. It is therefore important to design the space in such a way that there is a clear distinction between meeting places, guest rooms and your own private space. Even if you live in a flat with very little space, you can use hanging curtains, bookshelves, etc. to separate the different areas.

For introverts living with family or flatmates, you can use small ideas to separate your own private area, such as a simple table and chairs in the corner of the living room or in front of a window as a reflection space for introverts. If you have enough space, you can plan a study or relaxation room with your favourite equipment, such as a desk, work table, stereo equipment and CD rack. You can also plan storage cabinets for your painting tools, photographic equipment, knitting materials, etc. according to your interests.

office design

Preventing noise problems

Some introverts are more sensitive to sound, so whether you are buying or renting a home, it is important to locate it away from noisy areas. Soundproofing should also be considered when decorating and designing a space. Doors and windows should be made of soundproof materials as far as possible, and carpets or acoustic foam should be used to make the whole space more sound-absorbent. When purchasing electrical appliances, you should also give priority to those with a silent function.

Office space for introverts

In modern business management, implicit trust in employees is important and represents a deeper part of the company culture. Many companies are willing to place more trust in their employees if they are able to work efficiently, achieve their goals and communicate smoothly with their teams. As a result, employees have more flexibility in terms of where they work and when they commute to work.

Against this backdrop, more and more employers are willing to base their office design on the uniqueness of their employees. Interior designers believe that the office of the future will take into account the needs of both extroverts and introverts, increasing the privacy of employees at work and creating quiet spaces in the office where introverts can breathe, in order to increase the effectiveness of the business.

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