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03/ 28/ 2023
Why the modern office is more about quiet(2)

Create a comfortable space A comfortable and relaxing space is essential for introverts. As an introvert, you need a lot of time alone to recharge your batteries. Therefore, when choosing home décor, priority should be given to soft and fluffy materials such as pillows, throws, doilies and tapestrie

08/ 01/ 2022
Small meeting room in the office - transformation of a vacant space(1)

Over time, cubicles in office design have proven to be relevant. However, this does not mean that it has to be a boring and flat space.Robert was convinced that open plan office plans stifled creativity, which led to few business ideas and failure. This prompted him to come up with a better office p

07/ 28/ 2022
The role of the office pod as a social space

Relationships at work are the number one driver of employee engagement. In fact, employees who have a best friend in the office are 40% more likely to be praised for the level of work they do.In other words, work relationships matter.Employees need social spaces in the office where they can work, re

07/ 07/ 2022
How 'isolation' pods can make offices more social

Key takeaways. 4 ways 'isolation' pods make offices more social, not less.Meeting pods contain noise - so in them, teams can get noisy. Better collaborative results.Small soundproof pods allow peers to have important conversations in private. More constructive discussions follow. And working relatio

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