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pre-fab modules
hours assembly

Choose Prefab Pods

FlexSpace R&D team design the pod as prefab sturucture. Prefabrication allows us to work in a controlled environment, utilizing standardized processes. It also allows us to set up standardized checks all the way through manufacturing to assembly.

Choose Prefab Pods

We have found that prefabrication typically has 25% schedule savings. Having knowledge of how long each component takes to design, fabricate, and deliver is a key element in these savings. Fewer errors and greater efficiencies translate to high cost savings for you.

Save Time

The installation of prefab pod is quick and efficient. You’re not waiting for someone to measure, cut, and assemble each panel. The entire prefab component is easily installed by a small crew in just hours.


Thanks to casters and lightweight design, You can easily move them for use in various places throughout your office—or to an entirely new location.

Save Cost

Pre-fab booths and rooms are becoming the industry standard. It not only save material cost, but also labor, delivery and storage cost for its high modular panels.
FlexSpace revolutionizes the open office with state-of-the-art spaces designed to enhance productivity, creativity, and collaboration.




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