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Egg Crate Acoustic Foam

Foam absorbs noise for excellent sound and noise control and also reduces reverberation times. Egg crate foam soundproofing is widely used in recording studios, home theaters, broadcasting studios, and many other industrial and commercial applications.

A sandwich element chassis

A sandwich element of sheet metal, fire rated gypsum board , recycled acoustic foam and acoustic felt which reach good soundproof.

Acoustic Absorption Panel

Composed of compressed mineral wool or foam, sound absorbing acoustic panels absorb sound waves to reduce general noise, clarify speech and limit reverberation in walls within enclosed areas.
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Keep Privacy

Keep Privacy

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you’ll know that some conversations are difficult to have in front of your colleagues – whether it’s because you get nervous talking in front of other people, or if there’s sensitive client information you need to discuss privately. This is where a booth comes in handy.
Booths that support noise occlusion offer a safe, secure space to give employees the privacy they desire and also prevent disrupting everyone else in the office too. It’s a win-win!
Let’s face it – a big drawback of an open office is the constant noise. When you’re working on something that requires your undivided attention, there is nothing more distracting than your colleagues on the phone or the subtle buzz of people chatting away nearby. A work booth provides a much-needed quiet spot where employees can sit down to get some work done without being interrupted. So, if you’re looking for ways to boost individual focus and work performance, adding a work pod to your office is an efficient way to do so!
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