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08/ 16/ 2022
The psychology behind office design(3)

Incremental social density Perceptions of personal space and crowding were also studied at different social densities to test how the number of people in a space made us feel. Single rooms made people feel they had more space than they shared with others, but when we considered offices occupied by m

08/ 12/ 2022
The psychology behind office design(2)

To better understand the success factors of the office environment and which specific spatial attributes may influence how people respond to the physical space they inhabit. UK researchers brought together a group of psychologists, sociologists and designers to conduct an interdisciplinary study and

08/ 09/ 2022
The psychology behind office design(1)

When you choose a job, you choose a way of life. Work has a significant impact on our lives, while at the same time the quality of our working environment profoundly affects our health and well-being.In recent years, especially in open plan office environments, there has been an increasing focus on

08/ 01/ 2022
Small meeting room in the office - transformation of a vacant space(1)

Over time, cubicles in office design have proven to be relevant. However, this does not mean that it has to be a boring and flat space.Robert was convinced that open plan office plans stifled creativity, which led to few business ideas and failure. This prompted him to come up with a better office p

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