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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

Small meeting room in the office - transformation of a vacant space(1)

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Over time, cubicles in office design have proven to be relevant. However, this does not mean that it has to be a boring and flat space.

Robert was convinced that open plan office plans stifled creativity, which led to few business ideas and failure. This prompted him to come up with a better office plan. As a result, he invented a modular system, known today as cubicles.

The cubicle workspace offers more privacy and minimises office noise. It involves glass or timber separators from one desk to another. This plan took up more space than the open plan office but gave the office a more organised and brighter look.

Ten years later, as businesses grow, more and more people are working in offices. Offices needed to accommodate as many employees as possible, while balancing their privacy and tranquillity.

More offices are adopting the cubicle style. Since the 1990s, we have finally returned to the cubicle style, despite so many office plans, due to recent hygiene restrictions. Cubicles provide sufficient social distance between employees and the personal space required. This means that the office becomes less crowded, which is one of the requirements of the virus.

In addition, companies have abandoned outdated and boring spaces and reinvented office design cubicles. Let's discuss why this is the case.

office design

The modern need for modern office cubicles

With advances in technology and new architectural concepts, a variety of modern office design cubicles have evolved. You can now see transparent office design cubicle walls with different configurations, combined with adjustable cubicle office furniture.

This means that you can get more light and collaborate more with your colleagues. Your office cubicles don't have to be boring. You can incorporate hundreds of floral colours into modern cubicle spaces to enhance beauty and comfort.

There are several office design decorating ideas you can incorporate into your cubicle office plans. Office design cubicle décor adds positivity to an office and creativity for better living. You can.

1. add a lamp for more lighting

2. Create a shelf for some light coloured decorations such as crotch balls, paper and wicker. For example, you could create a curve that attracts ring space

3. Choose brightly coloured objects to get some shimmering light

4. Bring a bottle of our favourite flowers to stimulate your mood

5. Add a nice pillow to your office chair to provide back support

6. Add your favourite colour scheme. Choose colours that brighten your mood and make you feel comfortable

Accessories for upgrading cabinets

How can office design decorate your cubicle office space to make it more attractive? Office cubicle accessories make your stay in the office short and fun. You can accessorise in the following ways.

1. adding beautiful ceramic mugs

2. Adding Prisma family photo frames

3. adding storage hooks in the corner or side of the cubicle for hanging coats or scarves

4. Add a table fan for those hot days

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