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02/ 24/ 2023
How to have a good space layout plan for office design?

To do a good job in office design, you need to do a good job in the positioning, use, layout, ventilation, lighting, color design, Feng Shui science, etc. of the space. These have a great impact on the work efficiency of employees, and the old space design no longer meets the new demands. How to mak

08/ 16/ 2022
The psychology behind office design(3)

Incremental social density Perceptions of personal space and crowding were also studied at different social densities to test how the number of people in a space made us feel. Single rooms made people feel they had more space than they shared with others, but when we considered offices occupied by m

08/ 12/ 2022
The psychology behind office design(2)

To better understand the success factors of the office environment and which specific spatial attributes may influence how people respond to the physical space they inhabit. UK researchers brought together a group of psychologists, sociologists and designers to conduct an interdisciplinary study and

07/ 07/ 2022
How 'isolation' pods can make offices more social

Key takeaways. 4 ways 'isolation' pods make offices more social, not less.Meeting pods contain noise - so in them, teams can get noisy. Better collaborative results.Small soundproof pods allow peers to have important conversations in private. More constructive discussions follow. And working relatio

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