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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

How 'isolation' pods can make offices more social

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Key takeaways. 4 ways 'isolation' pods make offices more social, not less.

Meeting pods contain noise - so in them, teams can get noisy. Better collaborative results.

Small soundproof pods allow peers to have important conversations in private. More constructive discussions follow. And working relationships are improved as a result.

office pod

The pods and kiosks function as social alcoves. They are quiet spaces in which to hang out and form real relationships.

By making the office more functional, the pods help to attract employees back to the office. As a result, more employees come together more frequently and teams naturally socialise.

What exactly is collaboration? It is the creativity of multiple people at work. It is something wild. It is a force to be considered. A wave that needs to be surfed, not curbed. Contain it and you limit its power.

Unfortunately, an open floor can stifle creativity.

Timid employees may feel embarrassed to share ideas in public with peers who are listening. Employees who are sensitive to their senses may be distracted by small talk and visitors, preventing them from concentrating and allowing creativity to flourish.

Self-consciousness is also a creativity killer.

Flashbulb moments are exciting! A near frenzy of bright ideas often ensues. You don't want to be too shy to share them or to curb your enthusiasm when inspiration strikes for fear of disturbing your colleagues.

Pods are a solution for open-plan offices. They are excellent spaces for collaboration.

office pod

They are soundproof, so you can be loud in them without disturbing your colleagues on the floor. They're like mini-rooms that shut out all the exciting office noise and commotion. In a meeting pod like hushMeet, you can enjoy a peaceful, clutter-free space. Focus only on collaboration. Better collaborative results.

Read more about the many responsibilities of a hybrid agile office beyond supporting collaboration. What is the role of the office in a hybrid working environment?

Small acoustic pods allow team members to have tough, important conversations in private.

Tough conversations can be the most productive.

They can be a little daunting. Involving difficult topics, such as conflicting opinions or sensitive interpersonal situations. But more importantly, they are an opportunity for growth. Honest heart-to-heart communication can help teammates understand each other and move forward in a more consistent manner.

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