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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

3 different uses of office pods

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Some office managers and business owners ask, "Are meeting pods just an intriguing startup workplace design idea, or do they really add to the bottom line?"

To answer this question, just look at the facts. Open office research consistently shows that employees prefer privacy. It also shows that it's not just a preference as far as their physical condition is concerned. In fact, it is directly related to their productivity in completing tasks that are vital to their work.

In the long list of open plan office design issues, it can take up to 23 minutes for a distracted worker to recover.

By Humboldt University Berlin. Between colleagues everywhere in open-plan offices, completing tasks can easily lead to an hour or two of missed time.

Many open-plan office workers believe that too much workplace noise can actually have a serious impact on their health, which is detrimental to their ability to succeed. 58% of high-performing employees (who businesses are clearly keen to keep within their company for the long term) find their office too distracting. Between 25-30% find it too loud.

Now, consider that nearly 70% of offices segregate employees into zero or low partitions, or at least put up some barriers to enhanced privacy. This adds up to a staggering number of workers who desperately need to improve their office layout, even if it hasn't been completely redesigned.

This is why we designed our unique brand of office meeting pods. As you can see from the photos, these meeting pods offer a quiet space that can provide all the benefits needed for an open plan office floor plan.

Below we explain 3 of the best uses and benefits that office meeting pods can bring to your company.

1. Assemble your office meeting pod in the ideal location

One of the most convenient features of this conference room alternative is its portability and ease of assembly.

Standard conventional meeting rooms are built to be static. They are permanent and do not allow for any adjustments to be made for changes in the office layout. The employees who need to use the meeting room the most may find its location less convenient. Alternatively, any change in the number of people and team needs may be detrimental to the original location of the meeting room.

office design

2. Conference pods can potentially save thousands of dollars in construction costs

This portability and ease of assembly brings us to the second benefit, which is the potential to save thousands of dollars.

Imagine if, as your company grows in size, you have to add meeting rooms to other floors. Hiring contractors for the expansion, and the downtime that can occur in your office, will not only hurt your profitability, but will also reduce productivity.

Studies have shown that noise alone can increase stress levels.

Meeting Pods are a great option for building new meeting rooms altogether, they have additional features not found in standard meeting rooms.

3. Unlike standard conference rooms, Pods have a USB port

For older, more established companies, USB ports can be difficult to find. If you are like us, you usually need to bring your laptop or your own adaptor into the meeting room.

This is a pain that no one needs to address and can easily delay an important meeting or presentation.

Our office privacy boxes have USB ports built into the walls, so you can charge your batteries as needed for whichever device you want to use

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