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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

8 of the best phone booths and meeting rooms for flexible working(2)

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5. Zenbooth

Zenbooth has a complete set of work area phone booths. the Zenbooth Solo costs US$3,795 and the Zenbooth Duo US$7,995. But if you need a conference room, you can choose the Zenbooth Quad, which can accommodate up to six people and costs US$13,995.

It is soundproofed to keep your conversations private. The phone booth will allow you to adjust the height of your transaction. You can also keep cool as ventilation is also added for your comfort. It comes with floodlights, plenty of space and you can return it within 30 days if you are not satisfied. You can enjoy its features such as integrated dimmable LED lighting, height adjustable tables, and a breeze ventilation system.

6. Orangebox

The Orangebox Air Acoustic Pod can be used as a meeting room, private work area and telephone booth. It will keep your conversations private without the worry that someone will be eavesdropping on your meeting.

Compared to other privacy chambers, Orangebox Air comes with interchangeable panels to refresh its appearance. Power options at the top include a straight glass magnetic whiteboard, monitor stand and more. You can choose the size you need depending on the comfort level of your company. prices for Pods may need to be requested through their website.

7. Thinktanks

Thinktanks is different from the other workspace phone booth companies. They are reviving the open office space. This privacy office booth is transparent but you can rest assured that the conversation remains private. It will help your team to become more productive since there are no distractions with this quiet workspace.

It’s soundproof so you can enjoy peace and quiet as you work. Spaces are available for one, two, four, and more. This booth is thermostatically ventilated so you can stay comfortable while working. Thinktanks booth allows you to move it whenever needed since it’s not attached permanently in just one place. Pods range from US$6,495 to US$18,995.

8. Flexspace

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, FlexSpace has the perfect professional team to provide for all your needs. All their products reach the market only after passing a huge variety of certification systems. As a result, any product you receive will be of the highest quality. They mainly offer two lines of pods – the M pod and the S pod, whose price ranges from $1,999 to $ 3,999.

While the S Pod is designed with individualized work-sessions in mind, the M Pod is designed with collaborative meetings in mind. Their pods come with advanced sound insulators between double steel walls, inner acoustic panels, and laminated double pane glass. Such features protect your privacy from eavesdropping and keep you comfortable as you work!

The best part is that all their pods are perfectly customizable to meet your needs. So you can choose between multiple color options and different features, including power options, displays, whiteboards, and beautiful designs. All the pods are designed to be sustainable, which makes them incredibly futuristic.

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