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FlexSpace products solve noise and privacy issues in open offices. 

The 2022 office pod buying guide

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While open plan office space has been around since the 1960s, it felt particularly timely with the entry of millennials into the workforce in 2010. They are cost effective for start-ups and new companies and feel more creative and anti-establishment.

They are also more flexible and personable. The open floor plan co-working spaces are perfect for freelancers in the growing odd-job economy.

Optimised acoustic experience makes it the quietest of its kind and keeps conversations private

office pod

Features of a good office pod

Integrated dimmable LED lighting + full skylight ceiling illuminates the booth, ensuring you don't have to strain yourself or leave your bright ideas in the dark; activated by occupancy sensors.

Powered height-adjustable desk lets you easily change position and work more comfortably, accommodating a 26" range of settings

UL listed power distribution unit allows you to stay plugged in and charge your devices while you work, including.

15A 110v power outlets

USB sockets for fast charging

Open ports for data and telephone lines

Occupancy sensors for powering ventilation and lighting

High power and breezy ventilation system constantly keeps you cool and fresh while you work; activated by occupancy sensors

User-friendly door handles and a low 1/2" threshold allow users to enter and leave the booth effortlessly

Lightweight materials make moving the booth around your office effortless

Easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing your booth to be quickly set up or packed away for office moves

office pod

This is why the office pod is the perfect solution. Over the past few years it has seen a rapid and exponential rise in popularity. As we return to the world, sales are up across the board - not just in offices, but also in airports and other large gathering places.

Kiosks are a natural answer to our desperate need for focused attention and privacy. And employees are using them in droves. The top priority for millennials is flexibility. Mixed working patterns or offices have become increasingly popular, especially now, and for good reason. Sitting in one place and working all day is not conducive to positive mental health or workflow.

We want to change it. Likewise, there's a reason why open floor plans have been popular for so long - sometimes sitting with others while you work is the best place to be. Until it wasn't anymore. Having the office pod as a 15-minute, one-hour or three-hour option is a truly special asset.

There is also an egalitarianism to pods - another important factor for millennials that is reflected in the culture of most start-ups and new businesses. True privacy has long been saved for those at the top - managers and bosses with doors and corner offices - but phone pods are often placed in public areas so that anyone who needs peace and quiet can take advantage of it.

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